No 10 gatherings - January 2022

Dear constituent,

Thank you for contacting me about gatherings at No 10 and the Prime Minister's recent apology.

I understand the anger and disappointment felt by many people at allegations of gatherings in Downing Street during the pandemic, especially as we have all made personal sacrifices and sought to follow the rules introduced to combat the spread of Covid. I know that for many people, it is deeply upsetting to think that those in Downing Street, who set the rules, did not follow them.

The Prime Minister has accepted that there were things that they did not get right and has taken responsibility for this. He has offered his heartfelt apologies.

Quite rightly, there is an investigation being led by Sue Gray, who is a senior civil servant, which will provide us all with the facts hopefully in a comprehensive and fully transparent manner. In my view, this should happen as quickly as possible.

For me, and from my experience of the Owen Paterson affair (Vote on Standards Report | Richard Fuller), it is important to trust the process to do its job.  I therefore await the outcome of the inquiry at which point the Prime Minister will make a statement to Parliament.

I will comment further when I have read the report’s findings.

Yours sincerely,

Richard Fuller MP

Richard Fuller MP