No 10 gatherings/publication of the final Sue Gray report: May 2022

Dear constituent,

Thank you for contacting me regarding the publication of Sue Gray's final report.

The final report by Sue Gray into gatherings at government offices including at 10 Downing Street provided more detail – much of it distressing to some and disappointing to all – that reinforce the key findings of her initial report.  The final report did not include new recommendations.

The report comes after the Metropolitan Police concluded their retrospective investigations and I have commented on the wisdom of these retrospective investigations previously.  A Committee of MPs is still to report on allegations that the Prime Minister lied to, or knowingly misled, Parliament.  I have some doubts about this process given how politicised some of the dialogue on these issues have become.

We are left with an expose of shameful behaviour by staff at the centre of government who through their personal behaviour and reported treatment of other Downing Street employees have demeaned themselves thoroughly.  What on earth were they thinking?

The Prime Minister was also clearly at fault.  Sue Gray rightly recommended substantial changes to the culture and leadership at Number 10 and the Prime Minister has implemented these changes.

The Prime Minister has also apologised numerous times and I appreciate his contrition.  However, as I said to him directly, leadership of the United Kingdom is not just about getting the big decisions right (on which the Prime Minister has an excellent record), but also maintaining the people’s faith in the integrity of our political system.  That faith has to be earned by the behaviour of all politicians every day, including by the Prime Minister himself.

Since the announcement earlier this year that Sue Gray would prepare a report, I have outlined my views on my website at various stages (January, February and April) and further details are available here: Parliament | Richard Fuller


richard fuller

Richard Fuller MP