Richard Fuller MP on this year's Budget

This year's Budget will be delivered by the Chancellor on the 11th March. Speaking ahead of the Budget, Richard commented on what he hoped to see from the Chancellor: "Two of our main priorities coming into the Election were to have more nurses and more police officers.

East West Rail information events

East West Rail have announced a number of events to take place locally and discuss the proposed routes. In the constituency, these include:

Richard Fuller MP launches his podcast service

Richard Fuller MP has launched an interactive podcast which is designed to provide a regular update with Richard about business in Parliament and issues affecting North East Bedfordshire. The podcast is an easy way to listen to Richard's views on topical local and national issues.

Richard Fuller MP cheers on Biggleswade FC

Sport plays in an important part in our local communities, especially football! Today, Richard joined Councillor Steve Watkins to watch Biggleswade FC play and was pleased to see them beat Corby 2-0!

The new £20 note!

The new £20 note goes into circulation on the 20th February.

Richard met with Sarah John, the Bank of England's Chief Cashier, who explained it's the most secure note yet. New security features and two seethrough windows will make it very hard to counterfeit.