Covid Testing

Many local people across North East Bedfordshire have been concerned about the availability of tests.

Commenting, Richard said:

Richard speaks in self-employment debate

Today, Richard took part in the self-employment debate in Parliament.

In his speech, he raised the cause of the many self-employed and freelancers in his constituency and across the country who have not been heard by the Treasury and have not qualified for any income support schemes.

Looking after our mental health

With all the uncertainty the Coronavirus pandemic has brought, the importance of maintaining our mental wellbeing has gained more attention. Richard was therefore pleased to be invited to join a For Men To Talk meeting this week.

Supporting the Bereaved

As the Government begins to appraise the social distancing rules, I hope they will take into account all evidence, including the mental anguish from separation, improved focus on precautionary protection for those most at risk and then to take immediate steps to enable all other sectors, particul